Thursday - 14 October 2010
No. 200/2010

Local government elections 29 May 2010

Local government elections were held 29 May 2010. The total number of municipalities was 76, reduced from 79 in the previous elections of 2006. Eighteen municipalities, with 1.2% of the total number of voters, had direct voting, while 58 municipalities, with 98.8% of voters, had proportional voting.

The number of voters on the electoral roll of the 2010 elections was 225,855, corresponding to 71.0% of the population. Participation in the elections was 73.5% one of the lowest participation rates recorded in local government elections. Participation was higher for women than for men, or 74.0% against 73.0%. Of the 58 municipalities with proportional voting 185 candidate lists were presented for election, including four lists that were elected without a ballot as they were unopposed in the respective municipalities. There were 2,846 candidates on the 185 lists, 1,513 men (53.2%) and 1,333 women (46.8%).

Of the 165,238 votes cast there were 9,434 blank votes and 905 were deemed void, totalling 6.3%. This share of blank and void votes was unusually large in the elections; has been around 2% on average in most previous local elections. The number of valid votes was 154,899.

A total of 512 representatives were elected to 76 local councils in 2010, 308 men, 60.2% and 204 women, 39.8%. This was the highest proportion of women elected so far but it was 35.9% in 2006. The number of elected representatives with proportional voting was 418, 247 men and 171 women. Of these 226 were elected on behalf of political parties but 192 on behalf of other candidate lists. A total of 94 representatives were elected in municipalities with direct voting, 61 men and 33 women.

Local government elections 29 May 2010 - Statistical Series


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