In 2014, 17.8% of people living in Iceland used public transportation regularly. There were no significant differences between men and women. The use of public transportation is related to people’s economic circumstances, with 30.5% in the bottom income decile making regular use of public transportation compared to 12.3% in the top decile. Of people living in materially deprived households, 29.2% used public transportation compared to 17.2% in non-deprived households.

Most likely to use public transport were students, 32.5%; young people 16-24 years old, 31.,3%; the unemployed, 30.8%; foreign born immigrants, 28.9%; tenants, 27.7% of those renting at market rates and 25.9% of those renting at a reduced rates; and single parents and their children, 25.6%.

Who uses public transport? - Statistical Sereis