4 March 2015

Fewer students in upper secondary schools but more attended universities in 2013

There were 45,378 students at levels above compulsory education in Iceland in the autumn of 2013, a decrease of 84 students from the previous year (-0.2%), mostly due to fewer students at the upper secondary level. There were 20,400 males in education and 24,978 females. The number of males decreased by 170 from the previous year (-0.8%) and the number of females increased by 86 (0.3%).More
4 March 2015

Publishing of data on videos postponed

Publishing of data on videos (DVD and Blue-Ray), due for release on Thursday 5 March, has been postponed until Thursday 12 March.More
3 March 2015

Overnight stays in hotels increased by 35% in January

In January 2015, overnight stays in hotels were 161,400 which is a 35% increase compared with January 2014.More
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Wage Index in 4th quarter 2014

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Inflation 2012-2015 (Consumer price index, annualized rates,
12 months, %)

0.8% inflation, Feb. 2015

Balance of trade

Balance of trade 2013-2015 (billion ISK)

At current prices


Unemployment by months
2013-2014, %

4.3% December 2014

Economic growth

Economic growth 2011-2013 (GDP, volume change on previous year)

Key figures

Key Figures

Population 1. Jan 2014

Economic growth 2013 3.5
GDP 2013 MISK 1,873,013
CPI - February  422.1
Wage index, Jan.  498.1
BCI - for March  123.2
PPI - January 223.4
Fish catches, Jan. t. 91,906, Jan. MISK 7,193
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Census 2011
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