23 April 2014

The building cost index unchanged from previous month

The building cost index compiled in the middle of April 2014 is 120.0 points (December 2009=100), which is unchanged from the previous month. The subindices tell mostly the same story. In the last twelve months the BCI has increased by 1.2%.More
23 April 2014

Total value of yearly catch has decreased in January 2014

Yearly value of catch of Icelandic vessels decreased by 6,8% from February 2013 to January 2014. Total value of demersal species decreased by 5,2% during this time. More
23 April 2014

Population in the 1st quarter 2014

The population of Iceland at the end of the 1st quarter 2014 was 326,340, 163,660 males and 162,680 females. The population increased by 720 from the previous quarter. Foreign citizens were 23,060 by the end of the 1st quarter 2014.More
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Index for mortgage payment adjustment in May 2014
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Index of pension scheme commitments for public servants in March 2014
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Monthly wages index in March 2014

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Inflation 2011-2014 (Consumer price index, annualized rates,
12 months, %)

2.2% inflation, March 2014


Unemployment by months
2012-2014, %

4.2% February 2014

Economic growth

Economic growth 2011-2013 (GDP, volume change on previous year)

Balance of trade

Balance of trade 2012-2014 (billion ISK)

At current prices

Key figures

Key Figures

Population 1. Jan 2014

Economic growth 2013 3.3
GDP 2013 MISK 1,786,244
CPI - March  419.7
Wage index, Feb.  470.5
BCI - for May  120.0
PPI - February 195.3
Fish catches, March t. 95,879, Feb. MISK 4,010
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