Thursday - 12 February 2009
No. 20/2009

Migration 2007 and 2008

Net international migration was 1,144 in 2008 compared with 5,132 in 2007. Net gains were most pronounced in areas in the vicinity of the capital region.

A significant change in the sex ratio of international migrants has taken place in recent years. Up until 2003 more females migrated every year to Iceland than males. This changed dramatically between 2004 and 2007 when 5,913 more males than females immigrated to Iceland. In 2008 the sex ratio favoured women again with 1,698 more women than men migrating to Iceland.

Internal migration declined in 2008 compared with 2007. The total number decreased from 58,186 in 2007 to 49,534 in 2008. This is the relatively lowest rate per 1,000 population since 1987.

All data are published on the basis of the registration date. However, due to abnormal delays in the registration of international migration, especially immigration in late 2007, previously published figures for 2007 have been revised. A corresponding revision of the 1 January 2008 figures will be published 24 February 2009.


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