• All Statistics Iceland’s releases are scheduled in an Advance release calendar: news releases, statistics and publications.
  • The Advance release calendar with scheduled releases for the forthcoming calendar year (1 January to 31 December) is published in November each year. The following releases have fixed dates: indices for indexation, wage indices, national accounts, labour market and external trade.
  • Other releases than the above mentioned can be added to the calendar during the year, although dates are fixed on a eight days-ahead basis.
  • If there are changes in the release calendar within the eight-day period the changes will be announced in a press release.
  • Statistics Iceland publishes estimates on a monthly basis, which are excluded from the eight day rule and can be placed on the Advance release calendar up to two working days ahead of the scheduled release.
  • Statistics Iceland’s releases are published for everyone at the same time. All releases are published at 9:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time. There is no daylight saving time in the summer in Iceland so GMT is used all year round. Information regarding the releases is provided by the information services and the contact person for the release.

Correction procedures

  • When incorrect findings are published in news releases, a new release is published as soon as correct findings have been confirmed, with a notification that the item has been corrected. When errors are detected it will be immediately stated in the news item, even though corrections have not yet been made.
  • Technical errors in derived figures, graphs and tables are not reported but it is specified in the news item if figures have been amended.