Date Title Subject
25.1.2023 The producer price index increased by 1.1% Prices
25.1.2023 Unemployment 3.3% in December Labour market
25.1.2023 The building cost index increases by 1.9% Prices
24.1.2023 Wage index increased by 4% in December 2022 Wages and income
20.1.2023 The population increased by 2,570 in the fourth quarter of 2022 Inhabitants
20.1.2023 Harmonised indices of consumer prices in December Prices
19.1.2023 Fraction of electric and plug-in vehicles grows rapidly in 2022 Environment
19.1.2023 Tourism short-term indicators in January Tourism
17.1.2023 The name search has been updated Inhabitants
13.1.2023 Total catch in 2022 increased by 22% from the year before Fisheries
13.1.2023 More than a third of the population with tertiary education Census
12.1.2023 Taxable wages increased by 8.4% in November Wages and income
12.1.2023 Employed in November increased by 5.9% between years Labour market
6.1.2023 3% less meat production in November than the year before Agriculture
6.1.2023 Deficit of trade in goods and services 33.1 billion ISK in October External trade
5.1.2023 Technical failure Miscellaneous
5.1.2023 Operational cost per student in primary schools in January Public finance
5.1.2023 Value catch in October 2022 was 18 billion ISK Fisheries
5.1.2023 Trade deficit of 12.8 billion ISK in December External trade
4.1.2023 Women more likely to be in part-time employment Labour market
4.1.2023 More children in compulsory school received special education or support Education
4.1.2023 More than half of young people aged 18-24 live with their parents Labour market