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15 Jul
15 Jul 2019

Total catch in May was 32 thousand tonnes

The landed catch of Icelandic vessels in June 2019 was 31.7 thousand tonnes which is a 33% decrease from June 2018. The decrease is mostly due to very little pelagic catch. Demersal catch decreased by 12% and flatfish and shellfish catches decreased as well, if compared with June last year.

15 Jul
15 Jul 2019

Tourism short-term indicators in July

The number of tourists coming to Iceland was approximately 173 thousand in June and decreased by 17% compared to the same month in 2018 when it was 209 thousand. The number of tourists has decreased by 20% in 2nd quarter of 2019 compared to the same period the year before, going from 488 thousand in 2018 down to 390 thousand in 2019.

11 Jul
11 Jul 2019

Export and export production of marine products 2018

In 2018 the export production of marine products amounted to 240 billion ISK and increased by 22% from the previous year, 24% at constant prices. The total export in 2018 was 670 thousand tonnes which is 61 thousand tonnes more than in 2017.

10 Jul
10 Jul 2019

Most frequent total monthly earnings between 550 and 600 thousand ISK

Mean total earnings for full-time employees were 721 thousand ISK in the year 2018. The median was 632 thousand ISK and thus half of employees received total earnings below that amount. The difference between the mean and the median is mainly because collective agreements set minimum wage rates but no maximum wages. The most frequent total earnings were between 550 and 600 thousand ISK with every tenth full-time employee receiving total earnings in that interval.

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