Statistics Iceland's website is the organisation's main tool when it comes to providing information to users. Through the website, information is provided about the statistics produced by the institution. All the content published on the website is processed in accordance with the principles of the European Code of Practice.

The main function of the Statistics Iceland's website is to provide users with a first-class service that makes it easier for them to understand the content published on it, wherever and whenever. Emphasis is placed on offering self-service and electronic services.

The users of Statistics Iceland's website are a diverse group. When writing and presenting content, emphasis is on taking different needs into account. In most cases, content is presented mainly with general users in mind. Emphasis is placed on presenting the content in as simple and clear a way as possible so that it is useful to as many people as possible.

Releases and other interesting content which is published on Statistics Iceland's website and the institution wants to draw special attention to, are also shared on social media.

Development of Statistics Iceland's website takes into account user-oriented design and European standards on accessibility. Users' needs are always prioritised and users are encouraged to provide the institution with suggestions on what they think could be improved.

Statistics Iceland's website is a live project that is in constant development. This includes, among other things, that links and content are maintained and updated according to the latest information. Furthermore, the website must be accessible on all major devices, including smartphones and tablets.