Statistics Iceland attaches great importance to confidentiality, ensures that the privacy of data providers is respected, treats the information they provide as confidential and uses it only for statistical purposes.

  • No unauthorised persons gain access to Statistics Iceland or its computer systems and the institution strives to use the best methods, at all times, to ensure this. Statistics Iceland‘s employees do not have access to data other than those they need for their work at any given time.
  • Statistics Iceland only collects the data it needs and maintains the utmost security during data collection.
  • All data that Statistics Iceland collects about specified individuals or legal entities is confidential information and only used for statistical purposes.
  • Statistics Iceland conseals identities as quickly as possible during processing and does not store data longer than necessary.
  • Statistics Iceland employees treat data with respect and show the utmost care in dealing with it. Employees are aware of their obligations when it comes to confidentiality and attend regular training on security issues and the handling of confidential data.
  • Statistics Iceland does its utmost to make sure that information cannot be traced to individuals or legal entities when statistical information is shared.
  • Statistics Iceland grants researchers access to data for scientific research under strict conditions.
  • Statistics Iceland makes a written agreement on confidentiality and non-disclosure with all those who are given access to confidential information. The agreement covers the requirements regarding protection of confidential information in order to meet the necessary conditions for treatment in court of law. The agreement covers both external parties and employees. Provisions in the agreement reflect the nature and role of individual parties and their authorisations for access to confidential information and its handling.
  • The confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement must comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Violations of these rules and all other incidents related to information security must be reported to the security officer of Statistics Iceland.

Approved by the Director General of Statistics Iceland on 1 February 2023.