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Statistics Iceland publishes weekly figures on the number of deaths in the first months of 2020, based on reports from Registers Iceland. The data provide a good estimate of the development of the death rate over the year, although some underestimation is expected in the latest figures on the number of deaths in 2020, mainly due to death notices arriving late to Registers Iceland. The weekly deaths will be published once a month.


Only those with domicile in Iceland are counted and the figures are broken down by weeks, age and sex.


Due to high demand, both internationally and domestically, Statistics Iceland releases statistics on the number of deaths for 2017-2020 by weeks. In this way, the effects of the Corona virus (COVID-19) can be monitored in a timely manner and users can compare death rates across countries.

Weekly death figures for the first 33 weeks of 2020 have been updated

Updated: 4 September 2020

An average of 43 people died each week in the first 33 weeks of the year 2020, or slightly less than in the first 33 weeks of the years 2017-2019, when 43.6 died on average.

The chart below shows a graph of weekly mortality trends in 2017-2020. To better illustrate weekly mortality trends, the graph is based on a 10-week moving average rather than showing the raw data. In this way, it is easier to compare trends between years, as weekly mortality rates are generally very low for Iceland and the numbers fluctuate considerably from one week to the next.



Deaths - Weekly Data 040920 (xlsx)


It is worth pointing out that the number of deaths for 2020 are preliminary and likely to somewhat underestimate the true number of deaths, mainly due to late arrival of death notices.

More metadata about statistics of deaths can be found here: Metadata about the dead