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10 Jul
10 Jul 2020

Experimental statistics: A decrease in paid wages in the first part of the year 2020

The total sum of taxable wages in Iceland decreased slightly during the first part of the year 2020, 2.8% between January and May 2020 compared to the same period in 2019 according to the first publication of taxable wages by economic activity. The statistical results span the term from January 2008 to May 2020, and give a timely indication on sum of wages in the Icelandic labour market. The statistical results are based on pay-as-you-earn data.

09 Jul
09 Jul 2020

Annual total income 6.9 million ISK in 2019

The annual personal income in Iceland was 6.9 million ISK on average in 2019 or 573 thousand ISK per month. The median of the annual personal income was 5.6 million ISK or 473 thousand ISK per month, an increase of 0.9%, compared with the previous year.

08 Jul
08 Jul 2020

Active age of 68% enterprise deaths' is 5 years or younger

Enterprises deaths population consists from enterprises with neither turnover nor persons employed for two calendar years. 3,022 enterprises in the business economy discontinued operations in 2016. Individuals with operation on their own personal identification number are included in enterprise definition, as well.

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