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16 Jan
16 Jan 2019

Monthly balance of trade in goods and services for October 2018

Total export of trade in goods and services is estimated 124,400 million ISK in October and total import of trade in goods and services is estimated 112,000 million ISK. The surplus of balance of trade in goods and services is estimated 12,400 million ISK.

15 Jan
15 Jan 2019

Number of employees in October 2018

During the 12-month period from November 2017 to October 2018, the average total number of employers in Iceland was 18,230 and the average number of employees was 193,600.

15 Jan
15 Jan 2019

VAT-turnover in September-October 2018

The total turnover of enterprises in activities that are subject to VAT, excluding the pharmaceutical industry, amounted to 4,491 billion ISK in the twelve month period of November 2017 to October 2018, which is an increase of 8.5% compared with the preceding twelve months. The turnover in September to October 2018 was 788 billion ISK, an increase of 6.2% compared with the same period in 2017.

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