Total meat production the year 2022 was 30,428 tonnes, 2% less than in 2021. Production has not been as low since 2015. The main reason for the production dive is less production of sheep and pork meat.

Production of sheep meat was 8,659 tonnes, a decrease of 8% from the previous year, and has not been less since 2007. Sheep meat stock in the end of 2022 was 3,957 tonnes, 19% less than the previous year and has not been as low in decades, but stock information goes back to the year 1977.

Beef production was 4,948 tonnes, about the same as in 2021, but 34% fewer cows were slaughted in 2022 than in 2021. However, 20% more calves, and 25% more young cattle were slaughtered, which gave 546 tonnes more of calve and young-cattle meat than in 2021. An increase of 17%.

Pork production was 6,369 tonnes, and decreased by 3% from the previous year. Production of poultry meat was 9,501 tonnes, 25% increase which is the third largest production ever. Only in the years 2017 and 2019 was more production. Production of horse meat was 951 tonnes, an increase of 14%.

Export of sheep meat wast 3,151 tonnes, an increase by 13%, which is the largest amount in 4 years. Export of horse meat decreased by 50%.

Meat import in 2022 was 4,252 tonnes, an increase of 37% which is the largest amount ever. Poultry meat was the largest part of that, 1,815 tonnes, pork import was 1,718 tonnes, and beef import was 1,180 tonnes. 15 tonnes of sheep meat were imported in 2022.

Pig livestock was the same as in 2021, number of cattle decreased a little, however, number of beef cows increased by 4%. Sheep livestock decreased by 5%, the largest decline was in the north-west region, 5,600 less, and in the east, 4,500 less. Goats were 12% more than in 2021.

Import of fertilizers decreased between 2022 an 2021. Nitrogen import decreased by 8% and posphorus and potash by 14%.

Total hay yield was roughly two million cubic-meters, a little under the average of the last ten years. Dried hay has never been less, or 21 thousand cubic-meters, while silage has only once been more since 1996. Cereal production was 9,400 tonnes, the largest in 10 years. Barley is the main stock in cereals as usual, but oats were nearly 300 tonnes and wheat was 200 tonnes.

Record amount of carrots were produced in 2022, 981 tonnes. Tomatoes were 1,461 tonnes, the largest amount since 2014, cucumberes were 2,987 tonnes, another record. Production of peppers were only 166 tonnes and has not been less since 2007.