Statistics Iceland has issued a new standard for the classification of educational attainment, ÍSMENNT2011. The standard is based on the international standard classification of education, ISCED-2011, while taking into account the education attained by Icelandic students from early 20th century.

As in the international standard, the new classification standard, ÍSMENNT2011, divides attained education into nine levels—numbered 0 to 8—with six of the levels further subdivided. In all, educational attainment is classified into 31 educational classes.  Statistics Iceland will use ÍSMENNT2011 for its own purposes; inviting others to avail themselves of the new standard should they wish.

Table 1. Educational attainment levels in ÍSMENNT2011  
Level Label No of classes
0 Less than primary education 1
1 Primary education 1
2 Lower secondary education 8
3 Upper secondary education 8
4 Post-secondary non-tertiary education 5
5 Short-cycle tertiary education 2
6 Bachelor’s or equivalent level 3
7 Master’s or equivalent level 2
8 Doctoral or equivalent level 1
9 Unknown* -
*Not a defined group, but included for convenience.  

ÍSMENNT2011 - Statistical Series