Please note that this press release was corrected on 23 October 2023 from the original version. After its publication it became evident that part of the data was not included. Figures have been corrected accordingly.

There were 3,904 staff members in schools at the tertiary level working 2,988 full-time equivalent jobs in November 2022, a decrease of 23 from the previous year. Teachers were 2,515 working 1,598 full-time equivalent jobs. Women were the majority of personnel (57.7%) and have been more numerous among teachers since the 2018-2019 school year. From the autumn of 2012 to 2022 the number of staff increased by more than 800 (26.8%) but at the same time the number of students increased by more than 1,200, or by 6.5%. There have been some fluctuations in the number of staff from one year to the next, mostly caused by the difference in the number of part-time instructors.

Part-time instructors six out of ten university teachers in 2022
More than six out of ten instructors at the tertiary level were employed as temporary or part-time instructors (63.8%). This group of instructors consisted of 1,659 persons working 43.0% of full-time equivalent jobs in teaching.

The number of teaching professors has increased slowly. They were 289 in the autumn of 2012 but 427 in the autumn of 2022. Their share of all teachers has not increased as much, as they were almost 15% of teachers in 2012 but more than 16% in 2022.

Doctorate degree holders almost 40% of teachers at the tertiary level
A total of 39.8% of instructional personnel in schools at the tertiary level in November 2022 held a Ph.D. degree, or 1,000 teachers. Their number was a little higher than the number of teachers who had completed a master’s or equivalent degree, who were 38.8% of teachers. The proportion of teachers holding a Ph.D. was highest in 2020, when it was 41.7%, but has declined slightly in the last two years.

About the data
Data on personnel in schools at the tertiary level come from the State Accounting Office and directly from the private schools. These data include all personnel who were employed by universities and other schools at the tertiary level in November. Teachers include all staff members who had the occupation of a teacher in the reference month. Education refers to the highest level of education attained.


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