Eleven political organizations offered candidate lists in the parliamentary election in October with a total of 1,244 candidates, 55.4% male and 44.6% female. Sixty three members were elected to Althingi, 39 men (61.9%) and 24 women (38.1%). This is a loss of six seats for women since last year’s parliamentary election when 30 female members were elected.

The total number of voters was 201,792 and the voting rate 81.2%. The voting rate was 82.1% for women and 80.3% for men. Voting rate is generally lower for younger generations than older ones and in the election it was lowest for 20–24 year olds (69.6%) and highest for 65–69 year olds (91.2%).

Out of the eleven political organizations that offered candidate lists in the election, eight won seats in parliament. The Independence Party won 25.2% of the vote, the Left-Green Movement 16.9%, the Social Democratic Alliance 12.1%, the Centre Party 10.9%, the Progressive Party 10.7%, the Pirate Party 9.2%, the People's Party 6.9% and Reform 6.7%. The other three parties shared 1.5% of the vote.

General elections to the Althingi 28 October 2017 - Statistical Series

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