Local government elections were held 31 May 2014. The total number of municipalities was 74, reduced from 76 in the previous elections of 2010. Eighteen municipalities, with 1% of the total number of voters, had direct voting, while 56 municipalities, with 99% of voters, had proportional voting where 184 candidate lists were presented. Thereof three lists were elected without a ballot as they were unopposed in the respective municipalities.

The number of voters on the electoral roll of the 2014 elections was 239,734, corresponding to 73.2% of the population. The number of men on the electoral roll was 119,373 and of women 120,361. Participation in the elections was 66.5% (73.5% in 2010) the lowest partici­pation rate recorded in local government elections. Participation was higher for women than for men, or 67.3% against 65.7%. The participation varied by age, it was lower amongst young voters than the older ones. It was 21% among foreign citizens with the right to vote, 57% of Nordic voters and 17% of other foreign voters.

Of the 158,616 votes cast there were 5,594 blank votes and 788 were deemed void, totalling 4.0%. The number of valid votes was 152,234.

There were 2,916 candidates on the 184 lists, 1,532 men (52.5%) and 1,384 women (47.5%) in the municipalities with proportional voting.  Of these 410 were elected representatives and  94 were elected in the municipalities with direct voting.  Thus a total of 504 representatives were elected to a total of 74 local coun­cils in 2014, 282 men (56.0%) and 222 women (44.0%). The share of women was the highest in local elections so far.

Local government elections 31 May 2014 - Statistical Series


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