An advisory referendum on the proposals by the Constitutional Council for a draft Constitional Act and particular points relating to the proposals was held in Iceland 20 October 2012. Matters regarding the eligibility to vote and the electoral register were resolved in the same manner as in the parliamentary general elections to the Althingi. Act amending the General Elections Act regarding assistance with voting came into force 18 October 2012. The new Act allows a voter in defined circumstances to cast his vote with the assistance of a representative of own choice. Before such assistance was only provided by an election official.

The total number of voters on the electoral roll was 236,850 or 73.9% of the total population. Participation of voters in the referendum was 115,890 or 48.9%. Participation of male voters was 49.9% and 47.9% of female voters. In the last referendum on 9 April 2011 the participation was 75.3%.

In the referendum the number of valid votes was 114,570; blank ballots 661 and void ballots were 659.

Two possible options were given on the ballot paper with each of the six questions, yes or no. The electorate were not obliged to answer every question. The majority of valid votes in the whole country should determine the result of the referendum with reference to Article 11 of Act No. 91/2010.

The results of the referendum for the whole country were different for the six questions but the answer on the majority of valid ballots was yes for each question.


Referendum 20 October 2012 - Statistical Series