Statistics Iceland releases now statistics over financial accounts and performance of enterprises. The data is derived from the Enterprise Accounts Register but from 1997 onwards it has been compulsory for incorporated enterprises and private business entities to return standardized annual accounts to the tax authorities. Some activities are exempt from submitting the standardized form, like financial institutions and public utilities. In such cases, Statistics Iceland has added these activities to the Register. The total coverage of the Register is very high, exceeding 98% of the total industrial activity in recent years. The number of enterprises in this compilation has increased considerably from the previous years. The reason is that private business entities with turnover as low as and exceeding IKR 500,000 have been added to the data base. The compilation includes 26.055 enterprises 2003 and 25.136 enterprises 2002, thereof 19.239 enterprises were the same both years. These enterprises are shown separately as a paired comparison. Further breakdowns by activities, comparable with NACE 5 digit level, are available on the website of Statistics Iceland.

Financial accounts 2002-2003 - Statistical Series


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