Managers, chairmen and members of Board of Directors in Icelandic enterprises were 25,1% women at the end of 2013. The percentage of women in these positions has grown from 21,9% in 1999, and 22,9% in 2008. The increase has primarily been within medium and large enterprises, with women occupying 30% of these positions in enterprises of 50 or more persons employed, while they were less than 15% in 2008. This trend can be linked to recent legislation on gender in Board of Directors in medium and large enterprises.

Enterprises with fewer than 50 persons employed are nearly 98% of the total number of enterprises with paid workers in Iceland. There have been little changes within these enterprises.

Data on number of managers, chairmen and members of Board of Directors are presented by sex, by economic activity and by size of enterprises. Exhaustive dataset is available on the website of Statistics Iceland.