Carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) from the Icelandic economy and households were 5,489 kilotons in 2022 and are estimated to have been 5,724 kilotons in 2023.

According to the economy's emission accounts, 834 kilotons of CO2, or 15% of the total emissions from the economy, came from road transport in 2022 and is estimated to have been 821 kilotons in 2023, or 14% of total emissions.

Vehicle operated by households emitted 516 kilotons in 2022 and 506 kilotons in 2023. This means that households accounted for 62% of road transport emissions or less than 10% of total CO2 emissions from the economy.

The economic accounting of emissions differs slightly from the National Inventory Report (Iceland’s emission account), which is the official summary of Iceland's emissions to the UN-IPCC, since the economy operates partly outside Icelandic territory.


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