Iceland has the highest household energy consumption per capita in Europe according to newly published statistics on energy flow. This particularly applies to figures from 2017, which is the most recent year for which data exists for all the European economies. Household energy consumption was approximately 77 MJ/capita in Iceland. The second highest consumption occurred in Sweden (57 MJ/capita) and Finland (55 MJ/capita). Luxembourg, Denmark and Norway are next in line, but household heating in Luxembourg is commonly done by natural gas, which has more energy loss than when energy is produced in larger power plants.

Heat consumption was approximately 60% of the total household energy consumption in Iceland in 2018. Fossil fuels were just over 25% of the energy consumed that year and the rest was electricity. The total energy consumption has been between 240 and 260 petajoules (PJ).

These results come from the Physical Energy Flow Account (PEFA), which is one of the environmental economic accounts collected by Eurostat. The accounts summarizes energy consumption by economic sector for 31 energy products.

Information content in the physical energy flow account - Working paper