Statistics Iceland and the Icelandic Tourist board have agreed to accept a bid on conducting a border survey at Keflavik airport. The bid for the execution of the Border survey was announced by the Central Public Procurement last October. The bid from the Danish market research company, Epinion P/S, was deemed most favourable, according to the prospectus criteria.

The project is funded by a special government initiative regarding research on tourism. The data collection will start in Keflavik airport in the spring and first results will be available this summer. The data collection will be focusing on foreign travellers visiting Iceland. The onsite data collection will be followed with an online questionnaire.

Results will be available on a monthly basis on the Icelandic Tourist Board website and will provide better and more comprehensive statistics on numbers, expenditure, behaviour and attitude of travellers.  For Statistics Iceland the results will add valuable data regarding the publication on International Trade in Services, National accounts, Tourism Satellite accounts and Tourism.