From the publication of January-July 2014 data of trade in goods and onwards, purchases of fuels of domestic ships and aircrafts abroad are now included in imports of goods, in line with new standards of trade in goods (IMTS 2010). The surplus of 69,300 million ISK in previously published figures of trade in goods in 2013 decreases to 40,200 million ISK and the deficit in previously published results of trade in goods January-June 2014 increases from 2,400 million ISK to 15,400 million ISK. This import was previously included in trade in services. Other changes of the new standard will be implemented in September 2015, however, it is estimated that these changes will not have major effect on the results. Simultaneously, tables of trade in goods before 2013 will be updated according to the new standard on Statistics Iceland website.

BPM6 will be implemented in September 2014, leading to changes in published figures for trade in goods. New standards for trade in services (MSITS 2010) will be implemented 1. September 2014 and simultaneously a bridge table will be published on Statistics Iceland website explaining the changes for both trade in goods and trade in services back to 1995. The bridge table will thereafter be updated at the same time as the results of trade in services are published.

Further information: New international standards for economic statistics