Statistics Iceland has now published a new issue of Statistical Series, in the category External Trade, entitled External trade of goods in 2004. There, for example, can be seen that goods were exported from Iceland for 202,400 million ISK and imported into Iceland for 240,200 million ISK fob, 260,400 million ISK cif. Thus there was a trade deficit of 37,800 million ISK. Exports increased by 11% at current prices while imports increased by 20%. Marine products constituted 60% of all exports and manufacturing products 35% while in imports the largest import categories were industrial supplies, capital goods and consumer goods. The United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands were the largest trading partner buying Icelandic exports in 2004 while the largest share of imports to the country came from Germany, United States and Norway. EEA was the most important market area, both in exports and imports. 

Parallel to this issue of Statistical Series, a number of tables of external trade in 2004 are published on Statistics Iceland´s web site, like various classifications of external trade, by market areas, exports and imports by customs tariff numbers and countries and by individual countries and commodities.

External trade of goods in 2004 - publication

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