The value of exported goods amounted to ISK 51.8 billion fob and the value of imported goods amounted to ISK 49.4 billion fob according to preliminary figures for January 2020. Thus, there was a trade balance surplus, calculated on fob value, of ISK 2.5 billion as compared with a trade balance of ISK 24.1 billion in January 2019, at current rates of exchange. It is worth noting that exports of ships and aircrafts were high in the first month of 2019. The trade balance surplus excluding ships and aircrafts in January 2019 was ISK 4.7 billion.

In January 2020, the value of exported goods was ISK 24.7 billion lower than in January 2019 or 32.3% at current exchange rate. There was decrease in every category except in exports of marine products category.

The value of imported goods in January 2020 was ISK 3.0 billion lower than in January 2019 or 5.8% at current exchange rate. The increase was only in transport equipment and fuels.

It should be borne in mind that these are preliminary figures and might change due to regular revision.

Exports, imports and balance of trade 2015–2020, fob value in billion ISK