The total fish catch of Icelandic vessels in 2021 was just over 1,158 thousand tonnes, which is 13% more than in 2020. Pelagic catch was 655 thousand tonnes, 24% more than in 2020 since no capelin was landed in that year. Demersal catch increased by 2% between years, from 463 thousand tonnes in 2020 to 472 thousand tonnes in 2021.

The catch in December 2021 was 126 thousand tonnes, a 72% increase compared with December 2020. Demersal catch in the month was 34 thousand tonnes and pelagic catch was about 91 thousand tonnes.

The catch in December 2021 at fixed price was 25,2% more than in December 2020.

Information about catch of fish, which are published in this press release, are preliminary figures. The data is gathered by the Directorate of Fisheries.


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