The total fish catch of Icelandic vessels in 2023 was 1,379 thousand tonnes, which is 3% less than in 2022. The pelagic catch was 946 thousand tonnes, 1% less than in the previous year. Demersal catch was 403 thousand tonnes, 7% less than in 2022. Flatfish catch was 24 thousand tonnes, 10% more than in previous year and shellfish catch was 6 thousand tonnes, 6% less than in 2022.

The catch in December 2023 was 46 thousand tonnes, a 4% decrease compared with December 2022. Demersal catch in the month was 27 thousand tonnes and pelagic catch was about 18 thousand tonnes.

Information about catch of fish which are published in this press release are preliminary figures. The data is gathered by the Directorate of Fisheries.