Catch in 2022 was 1,416 thousand tonnes which was 23% more than in 2021. The value of catch at first sale increased by 20% from 162 billion ISK to 195 billion ISK. The increase was mostly due to increase in pelagic catch.

Around 707 thousand tonnes of marine products were exported from Iceland in 2022, 9% increase from 2021. The export value was 352 billion ISK (FOB) which is 18.3% more than the previous year. Of this around 141 billion ISK, or 40%, was due to the export of cod and cod products.

Around 54 billion ISK worth of marine products were exported to the United Kingdom which remains the largest export market. France and Norway were the second largest export markets for Icelandic fisheries products, both with export value of around 40 billion ISK. Norway imported 167 thousand tonnes, mostly pelagic species for fish meal production, while France imported 40 thousand tonnes, thereof about 20 thousand tonnes of cod products.

Export of marine products

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