A total of 49 individuals were adopted in Iceland in 2019. Step-parent adoptions were 31 and primary adoptions 18. In 2018 the total number of adoptions was 46.

Primary adoptions
In nine cases, children in primary adoptions where adopted internationally which is an increase from the record low of the two previous years, when only four children were adopted each year. International primary adoptions have been between 4 and 17 in the last five years. Fyrir utan árin 2017-2018 voru frumættleiðingar frá útlöndum fæstar 1992 þegar einungs fimm börn voru ættleidd erlendis frá.

Apart from 2017-2018, the year 1992 saw the fewest international primary adoptions when only five children were adopted from abroad. Most children were adopted internationally in 2005 when there were 41 primary adoptions. In recent years most children have been adopted from the Czech Republic. Primary adoption is an adoption of a child who is not the child of the applicant’s partner.

Step-parent adoptions
Step-parent adoptions were 31 in 2019, a decrease from the previous year when they were 41. In all cases adoptive parents were step-fathers, which has always been more common. Primary adoptions within the country were nine in 2019. Step-parent adoption means an adoption of a partner’s child (or step-child).