The name Aron was the most popular given name of new born male children and Katrín was the most frequent name given to female children born in 2013.

Majority of children receive two or more given names. Þór is the most popular second name among male children, while María is in the first place among second names of female children.

In the population as a whole the rankings of the most popular given names have not changed significantly since 2009. Among males, Jón is the most frequent first name, and Jón Þór the most frequent double name. Among females, Guðrún is the most popular name while Anna María is the most popular of the double name combinations.

Birth days in Iceland are not evenly spread over the year: fewer persons are born in the winter from October to March than other months. At the beginning of the year, most people are expected to celebrate their date of birth on 27th of September (1,014) while, apart from 29th of February with 208 persons born on that day, Christmas Day  has the fewest birth day celebrators (657).


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