Net external migration was 1,598 in 2013 compared with -319 in 2012. The number of immigrants was 7,071 in 2013 compared with 5,957 in 2012. At the same time the number of emigrants declined from 6,276 in 2012 to 5,473 in 2013.

Norway is the most popular country of destination for Icelandic citizens
Of the 3,175 Icelandic citizens who migrated in 2013, a total of 2,247 migrated to Norway, Denmark or Sweden. Most of them migrated to Norway, or 996. Norway has been the most popular destination for Icelandic citizens since 2009. These countries were also the major countries of origin for immigrating Icelandic citizens, as 2,224 out of 3,138 immigrants came from these countries.

Most of the foreign citizens emigrating from Iceland migrated to Poland, or 526 out of 2,298. Poland was also the biggest contributor to immigrants with foreign citizenship, 1,311 persons out of 3,932
foreign immigrants.

The most usual age of emigrants was 24 years
The most frequent age group among those who emigrated in 2013 was 25–29 years old. The modal age, however, was 24 years. Immigrants were younger than emigrants, the highest number was in the 20–29 year old age groups, and the modal age was 25 years. Considering net migration, the age group 60–64 years experienced the highest negative net migration.


Sex ratio stabilizes
A significant change in the sex ratio of international migrants has taken place in recent years. Up until 2003 more females than males migrated every year to Iceland. This changed dramatically between 2004 and 2008 when 4,215 more males than females immigrated to Iceland. Between 2009 and 2012 4,114 more males than females emigrated from Iceland in excess of immigration. In 2013, males exceeded females by 40 in net migration.

The capital region receives
The internal migration in 2013 was characterized by a migration flow to the Capital region from all other regions except the South. When considering external and internal migration, four regions of the country experienced negative net migration in 2013, Westfjords (-71), Northeast (-66), Northwest (-35) and West (-19).

Migration by regions 2013
  Net migration    
  Total Internal External
Total 1,598 1,598
Capital region 1,467 409 1,058
Southwest 174 -3 177
West -19 -79 60
Westfjords -71 -110 39
Northwest -35 -42 7
Northeast -66 -103 37
East 2 -96 98
South 146 24 122