A publication on population projection is now available in Statistics Iceland‘s Statistical Series. The population in Iceland will increase from 321,857 in 2013 to 430,545 in 2060 according to the medium variant of the population projection of Statistics Iceland. The low variant projects a population of 387,597, while the high variant projects 490,976 persons by the end of the projection period.

The population will increase for most of the period, but mainly because of a high net migration. The low variant projects that number of deaths will surpass the number of births by 2052, whereas the medium and high variants show a natural increase throughout the projection period.

In all variants, life expectancy is predicted to increase for men from 80.8 to 86.8 in 2060, and 83.9 to 88.2 for women. The population will age in the period. In all projection variants the share of older persons in the population will increase relative to that of younger persons. By 2060 the dependency ratio for the old will increase from 21.8 to 52.1, 47.8 or 42.9 in the low, medium and high variants, respectively.

Population projection 2013-2060 - Statistical Series