Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is necessary to revise and change the release calender for news publications based on the Icelandic Labour Force Survey. The rescheduled dates are as follows:

News Older datum New datum
The labour market, fourth quarter of 20199.1.20206.2.2020
The labour market in 201916.1.201913.2.2020
The labor market in December 201930.1.202023.1.2020
The labour market, first quarter of 20208.4.20207.5.2020
The labor market in March 202030.4.202023.4.2020
The labour market, second quarter of 20209.7.20206.8.2020
The labor market in June 202030.7.202023.7.2020
The labour market, third quarter of 20208.10.20205.11.2020
The labor market in September 202029.10.202022.10.2020