Statistics Iceland has published a release calendar for statistical releases in the calendar year to come.

10-day rule
As of today, Statistics Iceland‘s rule on releases will change slightly. Dates for statistics, which are not scheduled for a whole calendar year, can now be changed with 10 days’ notice, at minimum. Before, the notice for changing the advanced release calendar was two months.

In case of changes in release dates Statistics Iceland will still issue a special announcement thereof for the following indicators:

  • Consumer Price Index
  • Building Cost Index
  • Quarterly Gross Domestic Product
  • Quarterly Labour Market Statistics
  • Monthly External Trade
  • Monthly Wage index


See rules on statistical releases.

Same time for all users
All users gain access at the same time at 9 a.m. GMT. It is possible to get a reminder for individual releases. Users can receive a notice by email on specific statistical releases upon request. Additional information regarding releases is provided by the information services and the contact person for the release.

Advance release calendar