In 2012, there were 1,112 corporate insolvencies compared with 1,579 in 2011, which is about 30% decrease. The largest number of insolvencies was in construction.

This information can be found in the Statistical Yearbook of Iceland 2013, published today. The statistical yearbook offers a wealth of information on social and economic indicators in Iceland, such as the following:

  • Participation of voters in general elections was 81.5% in 2013
  • Each individual attends the theatre once a year
  • Never before have more students graduated with a Ph.D.
  • Unemployment rate decreases
  • A significant increase in area of protected natural monuments
  • The total catch increased by 26%

A copy of the Statistical Yearbook of Iceland 2013 can be purchased online for 3,500 ISK. The yearbook can also be accessed online free of charge.

Statistical Yearbook of Iceland 2013 – Publication