Of the gross energy consumption in Iceland in 2013, 69% was geothermal energy, 18% hydro energy and 14% imported energy such as oil and coal. For comparison, imported energy was 34% of gross energy consumption in 1992.

This information can be found in the Statistical Yearbook of Iceland 2014, published today. The statistical yearbook offers a wealth of information on social and economic indicators in Iceland, such as the following:

  • A population increase by 1.2%
  • Proportion of elected female members the highest so far
  • Unemployment rate decreases
  • Monthly regular salaries were 436 thousand ISK in the year 2013
  • Men who live alone are worse off financially than women who live alone
  • The total health expenditure is 9% of GDP
  • There were fewer recipients of payments for maternity/paternity leave
  • 98% of people living in Iceland are internet users
  • Inflation was 3.9% in 2013
  • 3.5% growth in GDP in 2013
  • The total world’s population is more than 7 billions

A copy of the Statistical Yearbook of Iceland 2014 can be purchased online for 3,500 ISK. The yearbook can also be accessed online free of charge.

Statistical Yearbook of Iceland 2014 – Publication