Statistical Yearbook of Iceland 2015 This is the 25th publication of the Statistical Yearbook of Iceland. This year’s publication is divided into 23 chapters and comprises 277 tables, 68 graphs an numerous photographs. There is an alphabetical index in the back which allows topical browsing and facilitates table searching. In recent years, an emphasis has been put on figurative presentation of data as well as written texts. The material is published both in Icelandic and English. Statistics Iceland disseminates a variety of information on many subjects and publishes around 500 news releases annually. Data are mainly disseminated through the website where there are over 1,000 web tables. Data are accessible to everyone and Statistics Iceland emphasises equal access for all users. The majority of news releases and datasets are also published in English

The Statistical Yearbook of Iceland has been printed and sold to subscribers and in book stores since it was first published. Sales figures for the Statistical Yearbook have always been low, only a fragment of the printing cost. With new emphasis in Statistics Iceland’s dissemination policy, data is mainly published through the website. The website was renewed in October and is under continuous improvements to serve user needs. Hence, the printing of the Statistical Yearbook has been discontinued and the publication will only be accessible through the website. We hope this will not cause too much inconvenience. Publishing of historical data and longer time series on the website is in preparation and will make the website even richer in content.

Statistical Yearbook of Iceland 2015

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