Today, Tuesday 20 October, the World Statistics Day, Statistics Iceland launches a new and improved website. The older website had begun to show some signs of time and with the new website, the service of Statistics Iceland on the Internet takes a leap forward.

When creating a new website, many things have to be taken into consideration:

  • Changes in user groups;
  • Most common user actions;
  • Service and duties of Statistics Iceland;
  • Recent trends and focus areas in web design and more.

These factors then have to be combined into a user friendly interface.

Information access
Access to information and data is a priority of the new web. Instead of 14 main categories on the old website, the content is now categorised into five topics:

  • Population,
  • society,
  • business sectors,
  • economy and
  • environment

Statistical data
With the new website, the data publication system for the statistical data (PX-Web) has also been updated. The interface is very similar to the old one but with the update, reuse of data is much easier. For instance, it is now possible to save retrieved data tables, store the link and fetch updated data via the same link.

Better design
Most people will notice the new and improved design of the website. More and more people use mobile devices or other smaller screen devices to surf the web. The new Statistics Iceland website is designed to adjust to different screen sizes of smart phones, tablets and desktops.

With this, the new website of Statistics Iceland should serve more users in a more effective way than before.


Further Information

For further information please contact 528 1100 , email


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