Total financial assets of Iceland’s domestic sector stood at 37,702 billion ISK in year-end 2022 according to preliminary data or 993% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Total financial liabilities stood at 36,694 billion ISK or 967% of GDP. Net financial assets of the domestic sector were therefore positive by 1,008 billion ISK at the end of 2022 but were positive by ISK 1,440 billion the year before.

Financial assets of households stood at 10,249 billion ISK, while financial liabilities stood at 3,053 billion ISK at the end of 2022, or 270% and 80% of GDP, respectively. Households’ net financial assets decreased from approximately 7,255 billion ISK in 2021 to 7,196 billion in 2022.

Financial assets of non-financial corporations stood at 6,552 billion ISK at the end of 2022, while liabilities stood at 11,392 billion ISK.

Total financial assets of financial corporations stood at 18,211 billion ISK, while liabilities stood at 18,301 billion ISK at the end of 2022.

At the end of 2022, the financial assets of the general government stood at 2,559 billion ISK, or 67% of GDP, while liabilities stood at 3,929 billion ISK, or 103% of GDP.

The foreign sector’s financial assets with a domestic counterpart stood at 4,159 billion ISK, or 110% of GDP, at the end of 2022, while the liabilities stood at 5,151 billion ISK, or 136% of GDP.