Statistics Iceland now publishes new edition of the Statistical Series on the results of a detailed examination concerning liabilities, assets and net worth of individuals derived from tax returns for the years 1997–2011. In addition, detailed statistics on these matters for the same time period are published on the Statistics Iceland website. The intention is to publish corresponding results for each year from the tax returns when tax assessment (imposition) is completed.

Among the results in the Statistical series is that families aged 35–49 years were most indebted of all age groups at year end 2011. Their total liabilities amounted to 409.3 billion ISK or 43% of total liabilities and decreased by 7.6% from the previous year. About 19% of families were without debt at year end 2011. Half of indebted families owed 6 million ISK or less and 90% of indebted families owed 31.4 million ISK or less. The total liabilities of all families, excluding the highest 10%, were 1,119 billion ISK or 59% of total liabilities. Families who belonged to the highest 10th percentile owed a total amount of 767 billion ISK or nearly 41% of total liabilities. These families were mainly couples with children (57%) and couples with no children (23%). Couples with children had the highest average liabilities, especially after 2008.

Liabilities, assets and net worth of individuals in 1997-2011 - Statistical Series