Statistics Iceland publishes the financial stocks data for Iceland for the first time. According to the main results, the total financial assets of all the resident sectors of the Icelandic economy (including non-financial and financial corporations, households and general government) stood at 21,301 billion ISK at the end of 2011. Foreign sector’s holdings of Icelandic assets at the same time was 13,692 billion ISK, mostly on account of liabilities of financial corporations in winding up proceedings towards foreigners in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.

The financial net worth of the financial corporations’ sector stood at 646 billion ISK (negative 7,040 billion ISK if financial corporations in winding up proceedings are included) in 2011.
Total financial assets and liabilities of households (and NPISHs) during the same period stood at 3,080 and 1,692 billion ISK, respectively. The financial net worth of households increased from 1,292 to 1,388 billion ISK, or 7.5% of the financial net worth of households, between 2010 and 2011.

The total financial assets of the non-financial corporations in Iceland stood at 5,679 billion ISK and the liabilities at 8,371 billion ISK at the end of 2011. The financial assets have decreased by roughly 40% and the liabilities by 31% from 2008 when they stood at 9,315 billion ISK and 12,101 billion ISK, respectively.

The government’s financial net worth at the end of 2011 was negative by 901 billion, an increase by 21% since 2010 when the financial net worth was negative by 742 billion ISK.

Financial accounts: Stocks 2003-2011 - Statistical Series