The Consumer Price Index (CPI) based on prices in December 2021, is 515.3 points (May 1988=100), 0.45% higher than in the previous month. The CPI less housing cost is 434.1 points, 0.37% higher than in November 2021.

Prices of international flights increased by 10.8% (effect on the index 0.14%). Prices of food and drinks increased by 0.7% (0.11% of which milk and cheese was 0.09%). Cost of owner occupied housing (imputed rent) rose by 0.6% (0.10%).

The average CPI in the year 2021 was 503.3 points, 4.4% higher than the average in 2020. This increase corresponds to a 2.8% rise in 2020 and 3.0% in 2019.

The average CPI less housing cost was 427.6 points in 2021, 3.8% higher than in 2020. This change can be compared with 3.0% in the year 2020 and 2.6% in 2019.

The CPI is 5.1% higher in December 2021 than in December 2020 and the CPI less housing cost is 3.3% higher than one year ago.

The CPI compiled in the middle of December 2021, 515.3 points, is applicable for indexation purposes in February 2022. The old credit terms index for February 2022 is 10,175 points.


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