The CPI compiled in March 2005 is 241.5 points (May 1988=100), 0.75% higher than in the previous month. The CPI less housing cost is 229.4 points, 0.35% higher than in February.

Winter sales have widely come to an end causing rise in prices of clothing and footwear by 12.2% (effect on the CPI 0.58%). Housing prices rose by 3.3% (0.47%) and prices for petrol and diesel oil rose by 2.7% (0.11%). 

Groceries' prices fell by 2.7% (-0.47%) mainly owing to price war between low price stores in the retail market. 

The CPI in March 2005 is 4.7% higher than in March 2004 and the CPI less housing cost is 2.0% higher. The CPI rose by 1.0% over the last three months equivalent to an annual inflation of 4.3% (CPI less housing cost 1.9% deflation). 

The credit term index in April 2005 is 241.5 points. The old credit term index is 4,768 points in April 2005.


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