The producer price index (PPI) decreased by 1.5% between January and February 2019. Thereof prices of power intensive industry products decreased by 2.8% (effect on the index -1.0%), price of marine products decreased by 1.7% (-0.4%), other manufacturing industry decreased by 0.4% (-0.1%).

The PPI increased by 5.6% from February 2018 to February 2019. Thereof prices of marine products increased by 12.8%, prices of other manufacturing industry increased by 5.5%, prices of food increased by 3.0% and prices of power intensive industry products increased by 1.5% in the same period.

Exported products have increased by 7.3% in one year, while products sold domestically have increased by 2.4%.

Producer Price Index in February 2019
  Monthly changes 
  Index Effect on Annual
 4. quarter 2005 = 100 % index % changes %
Producer Price Index (PPI)207.3-1.5-1.55.6
By industries 
Marine products276.4-1.7-0.412.8
Power intensive industry produc208.0-2.8-1.01.5
Food production179.3-
Other manufacturing industry149.7-0.4-0.15.5
By markets 
Domestic sales169.3-1.0-0.42.4
Exported products230.8-1.8-1.17.3