In 2013 the At-risk-of-poverty rate was higher for children ages 0-17 than for the population as a whole, or 12.2% compared to 9.3%. That same year 8.3% of children lived in materially deprived households. Both the At-risk-of-poverty and Material deprivations rates were at similar levels in 2010-13 as in 2004-7. In 2012 Iceland had the second lowest At-risk-of-poverty rate and the seventh lowest material deprivation rate among 0-17 year olds in Europe.


Both the At-risk-of-poverty and Material deprivation rates were highest among children whose parents were below 30 years of age, the former being 36.5% and the latter being 17.8% in 2013. There were also large differences between children by household type, the highest rates being among children living with one adult. In 2013, 30.8% of children living with single parents were At-risk-of-poverty and 25% lived in materially deprived households. Housing tenure status also revealed stark contrasts as 28.2% of children living in rented accommodations were at risk of poverty and 20.6% experienced Material deprivation, which are far higher proportions than found for children living in owner-occupied households.

Social indicators: Children and poverty - Statistical Series