Statistics Iceland has now released a new issue of Statistical Series, containing results from the continuous household expenditure survey (HES) 2001-2003, calculated at 2003 prices. The results are broken down by type of household, residence, quartiles of disposable income and quartiles of expenditure. New results are published every year, with results from one year dropped from the data set and results from a new year added.

1,915 households participated in the survey and the response rate is close to 54%. 

The average household expenditure is similar as was in the 2000-2002 but the size of the average household continues to decrease, it is now 2.62 individuals compared with 2.68 for year 2002, so the expenditure per capita has increased about 2%.

In this publication the average disposable income are published and compared with the income according to HES 1995. The disposable income rose from 1995 to 2003 by 71% and the per capita income rose by 82%. Over the same period the wage index rose by 71% and the CPI by 31.2%. By comparing the quartile with the lowest income and the highest income the high income quartile expenditures were 21% over the lowest but the disposable income 118% higher.

Household expenditure survey 2001-2003 - publication


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