Statistics Iceland has released a new issue of the Statistical Series, containing results from the continuous household expenditure survey 2010–2012. The results are broken down by type of household, residence, quartiles of disposable income and quartiles of total expenditures. The results are compared with the results from the 2009–2011 household expenditure survey. 

Average household expenditure 2010–2012 is 476 thousand ISK a month and has increased by 7.3% from the 2009–2011 survey. The CPI rose by 5.2% between 2011 and 2012, hence the real household expenditure increased by 2.0%. The average household inhabits 2.4 individuals.

The average household disposable income is 533 thousand ISK per month. Household disposable income for most groups is higher than their expenditures but the average household expenditures amount to 89% of disposable income.

The sample was 3,565 households, of which 1,772 participated, giving a response rate of 49.7%.

Household expenditure survey 2010-2012 - Statistical Series