Since 2007 the proportion of households living in rented accommodations has increased considerably in Iceland, from 15,4% to 24,9%. A similar proportion of households rented their dwellings at market rates and at reduced rates in 2007, or 7,6% and 7,8% respectively. The former group grew more rapidly in the following years and in 2013 14,2% of households rented their housing at market rates while 10,7% rented at reduced rates.

The same period also saw the composition of tenants renting at market rates change in terms of age, income and household types. The proportion of market rate tenants rose from 8,6% to 23,7% for people ages 25-34, from 9,5% to 28,9% for households in the lowest income decile, and from 9,7% to 27,7% among the households of single adults with one or more children. The change was much smaller for other comparable groups.

Social indicators: Tenants renting at market rates - Statistical Series