Tenants renting at market rates had the highest burden of housing costs in 2014. That year the median market rate tenant spent 24.3% of her disposable income on housing costs and 18.7% of the group spent 40% or more. The burden of housing costs for both tenants renting at market rates and those renting at reduced rates rose sharply after 2007.


In contrast, the burden of housing costs for home-owners with mortgages fell after 2006, from 20.2% of disposable income to 16.1% in 2011. In 2014 the median owner with mortgage spent 16.3% of her disposble income on housing costs and 6.1% of spent 40% or more.



Over-burden of housing costs is particularly prevalent among people with low income. In 2014, 24.9% of people in the lowest income quintile spent 40% or more of their disposable income on housing. The second lowest quintile was a distant second with 7.1% having housing cost overburden.

Social indicators: Housing cost burden 2014 - Statistical Series